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Warfare Sounds

Guns, bombs, explosions, airplanes, and all other sorts of sounds related to warfare.

File Size  Length  Description
30cal5.wav 25k 2 sec   Machinegun shoots many times.

357mag.wav 130k 1 sec   Handgun fires once.

44magnum.wav 30k 1 sec   Large caliber gun fires once with some echo.

6-shots.wav 15k 2 sec   Six fast rifle shots.

6shots.wav 88k 5 sec   Six handgun shots.

8mortars.wav 86k 8 sec   Three mortar explosions.

9mm.wav 83k 3 sec   Handgun shooting many rounds quickly.

airnuke.wav 185k 17 sec   Air raid siren goes off followed by a long explosion.

ak47.wav 31k 3 sec   Two quick bursts of automatic weapons fire.

bangbang.wav 39k 4 sec   4 revolver shots followed by a big bomb explosion.

bomb.wav 14k 3 sec   Whistling sound of a bomb falling followed by it exploding.

bombdrop.wav 40k 5 sec   Nice quality bomb dropping then blowing up.

bombing.wav 52k 7 sec   Plane flying over, then shooting, then sound of debris falling.

cannon2.wav 14k 1 sec   Very large cannon fire.

kapow2.wav 7k 1 sec   Bullet ricochet.

kapow3.wav 15k 1 sec   Another bullet ricochet. Probably from an old western.

m16.wav 23k 2 sec   Automatic rifle fire.

m60.wav 172k 15 sec   Several spreads of automatic rifle fire.

machgun.wav 10k 1 sec   Short burst of machine gun fire.

rifle.wav 112k 2 sec   One single high powered rifle shot.

uzi.wav 98k 9 sec   A bunch of automatic fire followed by breathing. Sounds like it is from a movie.

uzi3.wav 8k 1 sec   Short burst of bullets.

uzi_max.wav 247k 2 sec   Sounds like small arms fire on a metal target.

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