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Special Effects Sounds

All sorts of sounds such as bangs, knocks, bells, phones, cars and much more.

File Size  Length  Description
0hiss.wav 21k 1 sec   Generic hissing sound.

0knock.wav 18k 2 sec   Five basic knocks, perhaps on a door.

4beats.wav 21k 1 sec   4 snaps of the whip.

56chevy.wav 96k 6 sec   Motor car revs it's engine then takes off.

707tkoff.wav 256k 23 sec   Jumbo jet takeing off.

ahooga.wav 16k 1 sec   Old fashioned car horn blows twice.

airwrnch.wav 25k 2 sec   Air wrench whizzing a few times.

alarm.wav 15k 1 sec   Loud buzzer sound.

alarm1.wav 30k 2 sec   Loud and annoying ararm sounds off several times.

alert.wav 14k 1 sec   Old horn blowing once.

alert1.wav 10k 1 sec   Navy siren sounding once.

anchor.wav 12k 1 sec   Sound of an anchor hiting the water.

attack.wav 16k 2 sec   Sound of a punch in the face, followed by an exclimation of pain, and then the sound of someone falling to the ground.

bagpipes.wav 117k 10 sec   Bagpipes playing a familiar chorus.

beatings.wav 33k 3 sec   Sound of a whip hitting a guy and him screaming, twice.

bionics.wav 45k 2 sec   Classic sound from the 'Six Million Dollar Man' when he uses his bionics.

blip.wav 21k 1 sec   One quick ping, perhaps from submarine sonar.

boing.wav 8k 1 sec   Common spring boing sound.

boing_.wav 7k 1 sec   Boing sound effect.

bruslee2.wav 68k 6 sec   Bruce Lee fighting and making noises.

bubbles.wav 23k 2 sec   Bubble bubbling up, prehaps in a water cooler.

camera.wav 6k 1 sec   Camera shutter.

carcra.wav 32k 2 sec   Car skids then crashes.

carhorn2.wav 12k 1 sec   Someone honks their horn a coupel times, like when they are picking someone up.

carhorns.wav 48k 4 sec   A traffic jam is honking at you!

carskid.wav 28k 2 sec   Car skidding around a corner.

carzoom.wav 35k 3 sec   Race cars zoom around the track.

cashreg.wav 37k 1 sec   Cash register being rung up and drawer opening.

chainsaw.wav 37k 3 sec   Chainsaw starts up and revs, then a guy laughs "Haha!"

chopper.wav 76k 3 sec   Helecopter flies by.

clock.wav 94k 8 sec   The clicking of a clock.

copwhisl.wav 22k 1 sec   A policeman blows his whistle.

cork.wav 11k 1 sec   Sound of a cork being pulled from a wine bottle.

corkpop.wav 23k 2 sec   Cork popping out of a bottle of champagne.

creak1.wav 18k 1 sec   Large heavy door creaking.

dentist.wav 20k 1 sec   Dentist drill revs up once.

eerie.wav 58k 3 sec   A little snippit of scarey movie music.

glasbk.wav 26k 1 sec   A glass breaks on the floor.

handcufs.wav 15k 1 sec   The click click click of having handcuffs put on you.

jaildoor.wav 17k 1 sec   Heavy jail door shuts behind you.

longdrum.wav 15k 2 sec   Beats on a bongo drum.

machine.wav 124k 11 sec   Humming and whiring from a large machine.

printer.wav 91k 4 sec   Old dot matrix printer making tons of noise.

siren.wav 66k 2 sec   Emergency vehicle siren.

splash.wav 57k 2 sec   Something large lands in water.

squeak2.wav 19k 1 sec   Door latch, then rusty hinges creek as heavy door opens.

surf.wav 20k 2 sec   Crashing of a wave.

thunder2.wav 26k 2 sec   Large thunder clap.

train.wav 33k 3 sec   Moving train blowing it's whistle.

whip.wav 12k 1 sec   One quick whip crack.

zapoww.wav 39k 2 sec   Large electrical zapping folowed by a guy yelling "Owwww!"

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