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Insulting Sounds

We have a wide range of ways to insult each other. Here is a good selection of nasty comments and thoughts.

File Size  Length  Description
bagopuke.wav 27k 2 sec   Woman says "That miserable little bag of puke!"

bitchass.wav 23k 2 sec   Female says "Bitch, I'll f*ck your ass up!"

boxhair.wav 25k 2 sec   Woman advises "You guys are dumber than a box of hair!"

cooties.wav 91k 4 sec   Several children saying "You have cooties! You have cooties!"

dirtyrat.wav 95k 2 sec   Englishman yells "You dirty double-crossing rat!"

door.wav 36k 3 sec   Woman says "Well don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."

fatbitch.wav 18k 2 sec   Man says "You fat b*tch!"

fugly.wav 31k 2 sec   Peter Piper from the movie 'They Live' says "You're ok. This one, real f*cking ugly!"

geek!.wav 63k 2 sec   Woman yells "Woohoo! Geek!"

goaway.wav 27k 2 sec   Female voice wiht echo advises "Go away. I'm busy!"

hateyou.wav 26k 2 sec   Man with an English accent says "You're a complete bastard and we all hate you!"

heybitch.wav 70k 1 sec   Man says "Hey b*tch!"

idiot.wav 18k 2 sec   Man says "I'm an idiot. I'm a friggin idiot."

idiots.wav 30k 2 sec   Man thinks to himself "I'm surrounded by idiots."

kma.wav 14k 1 sec   Guy says "Kiss my *ss."

laffatu.wav 65k 1 sec   Man says "Their all gonna laugh at you!"

lamer.wav 28k 1 sec   Guy says "What a lamer!"

loooser.wav 10k 1 sec   Man says "Looser!"

meathead.wav 36k 1 sec   Man advises "You, are a meathead!"

perv.wav 51k 2 sec   Dude asks "What are ya gonna do, ya pervert?"

pervert.wav 13k sec   Man yells "You are a pervert!"

puckerup.wav 56k 3 sec   Man says "This is where you pucker up and kiss my *ss."

shithead.wav 18k 1 sec   Guy says "What a sh*thead."

slowpoke.wav 11k 1 sec   Male voice with echo "Slowpoke"

wimp.wav 42k 2 sec   Guy says "Wimp! Get out of my face, man!"

wiseass.wav 35k 2 sec   Guy says "You wise *ss."

wize-ass.wav 32k 2 sec   Guy says "Friggin wise *ss!"

yousmell.wav 124k 11 sec   Woman says "You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded. You're morally reprehensable, vulgar, insensative, selfish, stupid. You have no taste. A lousy sense of humor, and you smell."

yrproblm.wav 19k 2 sec   Woman asks "What is your problem?"

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