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Human Sounds

People make all sorts of sounds. Both intended, and not so intended. Here is a collection of the most common noises we make.

File Size  Length  Description
6farts.wav 73k 3 sec   Six farts.

aaaaagh.wav 62k 2 sec   Guy screaming Ahhhhh! as he goes by you.

aaaah!.wav 9k 1 sec   Someone yells Ahhh! in either pain or annoyance.

aaah.wav 12k 1 sec   Sounds like George of the Jungle doing his yell.

aargh.wav 21k 3 sec   Some guy yelling as he falls.

aburp.wav 19k 2 sec   Some guy burping normally.

acelaugh.wav 34k 4 sec   Ace Ventura laughing in his own special way.

ahem.wav 8k 1 sec   Man clears his throat.

blahblah.wav 40k 2 sec   Man says "Blah blah blah, yackity schmackity."

blow.wav 8k 1 sec   Man says "Blow me."

bubububu.wav 19k 3 sec   A little baby making noises with his mouth.

burpp.wav 16k 2 sec   Guy lets out a good burp.

cheering.wav 76k 3 sec   Large crowd cheers for you!

clap1.wav 63k 3 sec   A bunch of people clap.

clapping.wav 21k 2 sec   Several people clap for you.

cough.wav 9k 1 sec   Three quick coughs.

davelaff.wav 20k 2 sec   Classic David Letterman laugh.

dplaugh.wav 83k 3 sec   Deep, evil laugh.

dying.wav 11k 1 sec   Sound of a guy dying painfully.

eewwww.wav 18k 2 sec   Several people go "Ewwww!"

falling.wav 32k 2 sec   Guy yells as he falls...

fartlaff.wav 15k 2 sec   Quick fart followed by laughing.

femalaff.wav 24k 1 sec   Female laughing.

funny.wav 126k 8 sec   Shaggy laughs. Scooby asks "What's so funny?" Shaggy replies "Nothing. I just have a looney sense of humor."

giggles.wav 38k 3 sec   Little kid giggles.

gigsnort.wav 150k 6 sec   Someone is giggleing and snorting.

hurl.wav 30k 2 sec   Some guy throws up.

kid-laff.wav 15k 2 sec   Couple little kids laughing.

lafftrak.wav 52k 2 sec   General laugh track from an old TV show.

LIPS.WAV 8k 1 sec   Simple sound of letting out a breath through your lips.

longburp.wav 117k 5 sec   One long male belch.

longkiss.wav 21k 2 sec   Long kiss.

mencheer.wav 28k 2 sec   Large crowd cheers twice.

NANANANA.WAV 21k 2 sec   Several people say "Na na na na na na!"

noseblow.wav 20k 1 sec   Someone blows their nose.

whee.wav 22k 2 sec   Female goes Wheee!!

yehaw.wav 19k 1 sec   Man yells 'Yeee Haaa!"

yikes.wav 16k 1 sec   Female says "Yikes!"

yo.wav 8k 1 sec   Guy says "Yo!"

zzzzzzz.wav 44k 4 sec   Man snoring.

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