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Computer Sounds

Computers make all kinds of crazy sounds. Listen and learn to how they beep, compute, and calculte whatnot in their cyborg memories. What are they crying about now?

File Size  Length  Description
24HRSVC.WAV 61k 5 sec   Guy says "24 hour technical service. Takes you just 24 hours to pick up the stupid phone!"

9000gig.wav 55k 5 sec   Guy screams "What do you mean invalid paramaters? 9000 gigs of ram and it can't answer a simple question!"

ANALIZE.WAV 140k sec   Robbie the robot says "Quite please, I am analizing. BURP."

buttons.wav 22k 2 sec   Female asks "How would you like to play with my buttons?"

exit2.wav 97k 4 sec   Arnold says "I'll be back." followed by female voice saying "Innitiating shutdown sequence. Its been fun working with you." Good for a windows shutdown sound.

power-on.wav 94k 4 sec   Woman says "Power, on." Man then says "Hey it's working great."

wrongbtn.wav 34k 2 sec   Guy says "Oh no. I pressed the wrong button again!"

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