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Cheech and Chong Sounds

Cheech & Chong have been making us laugh for decades now with their hi-jinx and sillyness. Listen to some of their best moments here!

File Size  Length  Description
booboo.wav 48k 2 sec   Chong asks "Kinda grabs you by the booboo, don't it?"

brb.wav 54k 2 sec   Tommy Chong says "Hey, hang on you guys. I'll be right back."

cac007.wav 13k 2 sec   Cheech says "Ok man, start it up!"

cac009.wav 20k 2 sec   Cheech says "Well turn it off, man!"

ccknife.wav 156k 7 sec   Sister Mary Elephant says "Young man, now give me that knife." Followed by a knife thunking beside her. "Thank you."

davesnot.wav 23k 1 sec   "Dave's not here!"

dogshit.wav 28k 2 sec   Cheech asks "You mean we're smoking dog sh*t, man?"

donttake.wav 21k 2 sec   Chong warns "Hey, hey don't take those, man!"

dopedeal.wav 61k 5 sec   "And now it's time for America's favorite daytime fun show: Let's Make A Dope Deal."

earache.wav 51k 6 sec   Father asks "What's wrong with you now prince charming?" Chong answers with "I got an ear ache." Father replies "Ear ache my eye! How would you like a butt ache?"

greatman.wav 41k 1 sec   Tommy says "Hey, this is great, man!"

highman.wav 91k 8 sec   Chong asks "Hey you want to get high, man?" Cheech answers with "Does Howdy Doodie got wooden balls, man?" Chong continues "I got a joint here man, I've been saving for a special occasion."

lardass.wav 14k 1 sec   Cheech says "Bye bye lardass!"

wowman.wav 22k 1 sec   Chong says "Wow man!"

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