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Animals Sounds

A whole zoo's worth of sounds from all the furry animals! From man's best friend, to his worst nightmare, you can probably find the critter listed here.

File Size  Length  Description
8dogbrk.wav 13k 1 sec   Single dog barks.

baa.wav 13k 1 sec   Sheep speaking once.

badcat.wav 100k 3 sec   Cat sings Meow Mix song then gets smacked and some kid yells "Shut the f**k up will ya!"

badger.wav 68k 8 sec   From 'UHF' movie. Guy says "Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!"

bark.wav 26k 1 sec   Large dog barks twice.

bark12.wav 17k 1 sec   Basic dog bark.

barkpant.wav 16k 1 sec   Small dog barks twice, then pants.

barks.wav 11k 1 sec   Dog barks three times.

big_bark.wav 11k 1 sec   Single dog bark.

blkpnthr.wav 27k 2 sec   Large cat warns you off.

cat.wav 48k 4 sec   Kitty meows a few times.

catmeow.wav 95k 8 sec   Cat keeps meowing as it is getting mad.

catpuke.wav 100k 9 sec   Cat is gagging a bunch of times then pukes something up.

catsbutt.wav 20k 2 sec   Guy asks "You the ones who painted my cat's butt?"

catscrem.wav 19k 1 sec   Cat screams madly.

catwail.wav 11k 1 sec   Mad cat!

chimp.wav 26k 1 sec   Chimpanzee screams.

chirp1.wav 67k 6 sec   One or more small birds chirping it up.

chirping.wav 115k 5 sec   Bird chirping out in the wild.

cow.wav 11k 1 sec   Cow moos once.

cow02.wav 21k 2 sec   Long cow moo.

DOG.WAV 25k 2 sec   A dog growls at you.

dog2.wav 20k 1 sec   Dog barks twice.

dogbrk.wav 13k 1 sec   Single dog bark.

dog_poun.wav 459k 21 sec   A bunch of dogs barking inside a building. Sounds like it could be a dog pound.

dolphin.wav 11k 1 sec   A dolphin chatters.

elephnt1.wav 27k 2 sec   Elephant makes his noise.

frog.wav 34k 3 sec   A lone frog ribbits three times.

gobble.wav 7k 1 sec   Turkey gobbles quickly.

godzilla.wav 75k 3 sec   Classic Godzilla scream.

gremlaf.wav 20k 1 sec   A gremlin laughs.

grr.wav 28k 2 sec   Mean dog growls at you.

grrrrrrr.wav 26k 2 sec   Big cat screams.

horse.wav 61k 2 sec   Horse neighing.

horseneh.wav 12k 1 sec   Another horse neigh.

jaws.wav 73k 6 sec   The Jaws theme music.

KITTYCRY.WAV 24k 1 sec   A baby kitten cries for its mother.

lionroar.wav 22k 1 sec   Sounds like a lion roaring to me.

meow.wav 22k 1 sec   Basic small cat meowing.

meowmeow.wav 51k 4 sec   The start of the 'Meow Mix' song.

moo.wav 17k 1 sec   Cow moos.

moo2.wav 59k 2 sec   Cow moos loudly twice.

msquito.wav 47k 4 sec   Mosquito buzzes around annoyingly.

purr.wav 46k 4 sec   Cat purring.

rooster.wav 20k 1 sec   Basic rooster saying "Good Morning."

seagull.wav 124k 11 sec   A bunch of seagulls squaking it up.

sealion.wav 9k 2 sec   Seal barks three times.

tiger.wav 56k 5 sec   Large cat makes some noise.

tiger2.wav 29k 1 sec   Big cat screams.

tribble.wav 49k 4 sec   Tribble purrs 3 times.

whimper.wav 18k 2 sec   Puppy wimpers 4 times.

wildcat.wav 27k 2 sec   Big cat warns you off.

WOLF.WAV 95k 6 sec   Long lone wolf cry.

wolfpack.wav 136k 6 sec   A pack of wolves howling it up.

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