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Sounds of all kinds for your listening and downloading pleasure! I am going to be putting up more sounds as time permits. Please feel free to save these sounds and use them as you wish. Please do not link to any of the sounds on my server, but feel free to link to this site! I often move the sounds so any links will stop working soon anyways.

Animals A whole zoo's worth of sounds from all the furry animals! From man's best friend, to his worst nightmare, you can probably find the critter listed here.
Cheech and Chong Cheech & Chong have been making us laugh for decades now with their hi-jinx and sillyness. Listen to some of their best moments here!
Computer Computers make all kinds of crazy sounds. Listen and learn to how they beep, compute, and calculte whatnot in their cyborg memories. What are they crying about now?
HAL 9000 HAL's quotes from his two movies, 2001 and 2010.
Human People make all sorts of sounds. Both intended, and not so intended. Here is a collection of the most common noises we make.
Insulting We have a wide range of ways to insult each other. Here is a good selection of nasty comments and thoughts.
Movies A whole slew of movies await you here.
One Liners Famous one liners from movies and television. Find some of your favorite quotes right here from many a familiar face.
Special Effects All sorts of sounds such as bangs, knocks, bells, phones, cars and much more.
Warfare Guns, bombs, explosions, airplanes, and all other sorts of sounds related to warfare.

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